Canine Reproduction Services


    Progesterone Blood Sampling £42.02

    Canine Reproduction Services (CRS) is a joint venture between Fit and Fertile Ltd and Beech House Veterinary Centre. Together they offer a full range of reproduction services. Keith has been working in the reproduction field for over 35 years and was aware of the great reputation and excellent facilities of Beech House so it was a natural choice for him when looking for a partner to establish a ‘one stop shop’ for the full canine reproduction service.

    Since its inception CRS has been presented with many interesting cases from bitches with unusual seasons and silent seasons to ovarian cysts.  For many breeders having bitches that have had difficulty getting pregnant is a real disappointment.  The majority of these ‘problem’ bitches can be treated with medication and in some cases surgery.  Many of these cases have gone on to have good healthy litters.

    Semen is frozen in very small quantities and as a result doesn’t survive as long as fresh semen. Because of this, semen quality post-thaw can vary so CRS have to inseminate some semen trans –cervically to improve the chances of conception.

    The best part of our job is telling the clients that their dog is going to have puppies

    CRS are happy for dog owners to contact them if they have any queries regarding breeding or if to discuss semen collection, storage or shipping. They will talk through the options available and answer any questions.